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Too Short A Visit

This last week my sister Whitney came into town for a visit.  It was a great visit that included hours of great conversation, endless laughter, and of course, lots of time staring at my 2 month old daughter.  Being only a year and a half apart in age, Whit and I grew up being partners in crime.  We often would be on adventures and wander around the worlds we would create in our imaginations.  As we have grown up it has been really cool to see our creativity take it's "adult form" (if that is even really possible).  She is a talented graphic designer, in whose style I can definitely see traits of her childhood imagination having carried over.  While she was visiting us she asked if I could take a new headshot for her.  Of course, I was very excited!  We took it the day before she headed home. Giving us a headshot that I feel represents her well, both as a professional and a genuine person.  All great visits seem to be too short, guess it's time to start planning the next visit!

- Jordan

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