Ray + Rachael | Engaged - Chicago Fine Art Wedding Photography

Ray and Rachael wanted a little city and a little country and that's exactly what we got! How awesome is it that we live in a city where we can go between downtown Michigan Avenue and a forest preserve complete with Caribou in only 35 minutes?! We had so much fun with these two as we walked downtown and played in a wildflower field. Ray and Rachael were made for each other and we are so honored to capture their wedding day this June!  

Chicago Fine Art Wedding Photography by Chicago Fine Art Wedding Photographer, Jordan Imhoff  Jordan Imhoff Photography isn't your classic studio photographer. With a background in cinematography and filmmaking, we don't just take picture, we create works of art through the use of light, shadow, and once in a lifetime moments.  Chicago Fine Art wedding photography has never been done in this way before.  Bright. Cinematic. Contemporary. These words are often used to describe this Chicago Fine Art wedding photographer.  With each client we work with, we set out to create a unique experience not seen in previous Chicago Fine Art wedding photography.  Providing them with piece of art that will last be handed down and seen by multiple generations.  Serving Chicago, the Chicago Area, and Beyond  Click the link to learn more about our Chicago Fine Art Photography services.   
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