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          It's about high time that we included a personal blog post and this past weekend gives us such an incredible excuse to do so. We have had the great honor of standing in the wedding of our dear friends, Derrick and Christy as they tied the knot in West Palm Beach, Florida. This wedding was so special to us for a number of different reasons (as we will continue to explain below). To put it plainly, the two of us needed a break to be together as just the two of us badly! No work, no house cleaning, no talking about budgets, or business plans, or business goals, or who answered what email, or who's going to wash the dishes while the other changes a diaper, or who paid what bill. LIFE CAN GET CRAZY!!!!!!  It was so refreshing to get away for four days as just the two of us. Jordan & Meg. Husband & Wife. 

Also, it was so much fun to get to enjoy a wedding from the other side. We got to celebrate, relax, and just simply ENJOY!  Of course we couldn't NOT take pictures while we were gone, so here are the highlights from our time away: 


          We didn't realize how important it is to take the time to reconnect as a couple without any distractions until we got back. Fortunately, we weren't entirely alone! We had the pleasure of the company of our greatest and closest friends with whom we went to school with. These people are some of the most talented and humble artists, photographers, film makers, and teachers that you could EVER come to know. 

vacation 3_Blog.jpg

          Meg's sister, Kate, blessed us with the most INCREDIBLE blessing this Christmas. We were gifted with a night at our most favorite hotel in the entire country. The Breakers on Palm Beach Island. If you have never been there, then make sure you put it on your bucket list. This place is like another world. Sure, a glass of orange juice is going to cost about $7.00, but one or two nights is completely worth it! This hotel also has very significant meaning in Meg's life. While she was going to college in Palm Beach, she would sneak off here to get some quiet time, listen to worship, and be reminded of God's promises and all the beauty He has surrounded us with to enjoy. Her mom would also visit her from Chicago and take her on dates here : ) Our time at the Breakers was the greatest date we have ever had in our whole lives thus far! Thank you Kate for blessing us so HUGE. 

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          Now onto the real reason toward why we traveled down to Palm Beach : ) It's a very specially story and it still gives us the goosebumps when we think about it. Like we said before, Meg used to go to school in Palm Beach. She studied acting for three years there while making the greatest girl friends she will ever know. One of those sisters came to be Christy. Long story short, Meg ended up transferring to a school in Virginia Beach, Virginia (Much to her dismay. Can you blame her for wanting to leave paradise?!). Through a series of circumstances, she came to make a friend named Derrick who happened to be good friends with a guy named Jordan. Jordan Imhoff that is ; )  Very soon after, Meg and Jordan found themselves getting hitched and just happened to pair Christy and Derrick up to walk down the aisle together at their wedding. And that is where Derrick and Christy met and fell madly in love and now that they are married, they get to love each other forever and make lots and lots of babies! And that is the nut shell version of how we ended up in Palm Beach this weekend! Here are some more pictures of everyone getting ready for the big day:

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Stay tuned for Part Two! 

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