2012 – Year End Review: Favorite Images Part Five - Chicago Fine Art Wedding Photography

This Is It!

Here is the final post in our "Year End Review" series.  To close things out I wanted to return to my favorite genre of photography that we do at Jordan Imhoff Photography, weddings! 

Sky Blue Sky

This wedding portrait of Bethany is one of my favorites for a few reasons.  One of those reasons is the details of this shot, and the fact that those details don't distract from Bethany.  I love the contrasting elements.  Bethany's elegance against the backdrop of the beautifully textured wooden pier, the pops of blue and turquoise found in the middle of clean whites, and the leading lines of the pier bringing the viewers eye right to Bethany's wonderful smile!  I feel like this wedding portrait is a frame that truly has not "wasted" or "overlooked" any elements.  Another reason I love this portrait, is that it speaks of Bethany.  Bethany carries with her a peaceful calm.  I like to think this photograph is evidence of that.

For  this portrait we were racing the sun.  It was just above the horizon so we had some beautiful ambient light to start with.  To give Bethany some separation from the background (as well as a little pop of brightness and contrast) we set up a 32 x 24 inch softbox to upper camera right.  This was taken with a 50mm at f/1.8, ISO 200, and 1/60th of a sec.

Mark It!

Ok, this portrait may just be my favorite wedding portrait I've taken so far.  In fact, if I had to lay claim to a "trade mark" image, this would be it.  Two words popped into my mind when I was evaluating this photo for the "Year End Review", captivating and impact.  Of all the images I have taken this year, I think this one make me (and from what I have heard, others) stop and look.  Joni's gaze, and the gesture of her hand, speak tenderness while Jesiah's expression compliments those elements.  You know you have chosen the right "pose" for a couple when it has a sense of transparency to it.  When I look at this photograph I don't have to wonder what Jesiah and Joni are thinking, their expressions let me know.  Simply, they are each others beloved.  If I had to choose one photograph to sum up 2012 for me, I think this would be it.

This portrait was lit with natural light being diffused from overheard by the one stop diffusion panel of my 5 in 1 reflector.  I used a 50mm lens set to f/1.8, ISO 100, and a 1/400 a sec shutter speed.

Thank You!

I hope you've enjoyed this series of images as we have taken a look back at 2012.  We are very excited with the start of 2013, and are thankful to all that have supported us in our "official" star-up year!  Things are already gearing up for 2013 and should be in full swing in no time!  Here's to a bigger and brighter New Year filled with many timeless moment!

- Cheers, Jordan