2012 - Year End Review: Favorite Images - Chicago Fine Art Wedding Photography

Auld Lang Syne

Alright, so we are attempting to go through all of the images from this past year and select our 10 favorites.  This is the first time we have decided to do this, and going through all the photographs I have made this past year has really been a great experience.  It really puts in perspective how much has happened in one year!  For those of you who don't know, Meg and I have done a lot in 2012!  It's been a year full of new experiences, new places, and new family members!  We successfully graduated from college, moved to a new state, experienced the joy of the birth of our first child, and hit the "restart button" on our photography business due to our move.  Through all of this we have been incredibly blessed by the support of our family and friends, and are amazed that we get to make a living doing what we love (telling the unique stories of individuals by speaking the language of memories through the art of photography)!  We hope you enjoy this year end review of some of our favorite images!

- Jordan

First Up

Now, these images are in no particular order, but in choosing them we tried to keep the two images for each day in the same genre.  To start off we decided to go with our favorite genre, Wedding Portraits!  The Bride and Groom wedding portrait time of the day is one of my favorite parts of shooting a wedding.  It is the one moment during the festivities that the Bride and Groom get some time to themselves and have a chance to slow down and take in the fact that they are now husband and wife!  It really is a great moment to witness, and I am so honored that I get to be apart.

Sometimes You Just Know

There are some shots that you take and just know (without even looking at the back of the camera) that you absolutely got the shot you envisioned in your mind.  For me, this is one of those shots.  If fact, while location scouting for this wedding, I took a photo with my iphone of the exact window at almost the exact same time of day that this photo would eventually be made to make sure I returned to the exact same location.  I was very excited about it!  There is a level of joy and intimacy during this portion of the day that is unique only to these moments.  When I look at this portrait I feel that those emotions come through.  It never fails to make me stop and smile as I look at it.

For those who are curious, the way I made this portrait is the way I wish I could make every portrait, with big beautiful window light.  The window was used as a back light and we then used a silver reflector to bounce light back on Dan + Jess.  It was shot with a focal length of 110mm at  f/2.8 with ISO 400 and 1/125 sec shutter speed.

Give It Another Go

Here is another one of my favorite wedding portraits.  I always feel that if I had a "magazine shot" I would choose this one, haha.  We made this portrait in the Norfolk Botanical Gardens in Virginia before Meg and I made our "big move" to Chicagoland.   It was a beautiful day, and this Chuppah provided just the right amount of shade for Jesiah + Joni to stand in.   The brightness and color of this image is a great reflection of the bright and colorful personalities Jesiah + Joni possess.  

We made this image by placing Jesiah + Joni in a shaded spot under the Chuppah and then adding a little light back onto the couple with a handheld reflector (Meg is hiding behind the right hand column and bush!).  We shot with a 50mm lens at f/1.8 with ISO 100 and a 1/1600 sec shutter speed.

Hope you enjoyed this look back on the year, check in tomorrow to see the next two images!